Edison Awards CPCI a $2.6M DCFC & Bus Make Ready Electric Vehicle Charge Ready Pilot Program

Edison Awards CPCI a $2.6M DCFC & Bus Make Ready Electric Vehicle Charge Ready Pilot Program

01st of May

Edison-InternationalMay 1, 2018 – Southern California Edison awarded Cal Pacific Constructors Inc. (CPCI) a two year $2.6M contract to provide general contractor services for SCE’s two Transportation Electrification Programs: Direct Current Fast Charger (DCFC) and the Electric Transit Bus Make Ready Pilot Program.

DCFC – The Program will enroll participating non-residential locations in urban areas such as cities, parking lot operators, Electric Vehicle (EV) service providers, and other places of business that provide public access to the DCFC stations. Installation of five DCFC sites with up to five dual-port charging stations at each site, creating up to 50 DCFC EVSEs.

Electric Transit Bus Make Ready – The Program provides a rebate to transit agencies to offset the costs of qualified charging equipment and installation. Installation of 20 Charge ports at transit agencies.

Cal Pacific Constructors Inc., will install make ready infrastructure at pre-determined locations in SCE’s service territory.

Work areas include: installation of panels, step-down transformers, electrical conductors, electrical and data conduits, junction boxes, stub-outs, bollards and safety lighting, disconnects, switches, fuses and related site improvements such as concrete curbs, gutters and sidewalks, parking lot paving, signage and striping and landscape & irrigation. Also, CPCI will work closely with Edison team members on program coordination and inspection requirements by third parties.

CPCI’s team looks forward to supporting Edison in this new pilot program.